Create the content yourself or let us do it for you

Our tool offers a lot of flexibility within a pre-determined format. Choose whether you or someone else within your organisation want to create the content, or let us help you.-it all depends on what you would like to use the tool for. For example, a health and safety declaration may contain the same questions year after year, whilst the content of an employee satisfaction survey needs to be updated annually. With a variety of question types, you get maximum flexibility when designing the surveys.



Let the participants or the employees have their say

Because we use the tool ourselves we know how it works . We use it when we carry out target audience surveys before projects, when we evaluate launched projects, and as the tool for our own employee satisfaction surveys. The participants can answer at their own pace, choose to be anonymous or leave their name. They can also choose to only see their own result or to display the aggregated results.



A nice and tidy summary

The content of a summary varies depending on the survey. For example, you may only want to summarize your own result as part of a self-assessment survey. And when conducting an employee satisfaction survey it is important that all answers are anonymous and clearly summarized. We are able to compile the results to fit your needs including by person, by unit, or by department. That’s flexible and adaptive statistics at it’s best!



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