Innovativ LMS

One amongst thousands

There are many different types of LMS’s out there. Trust us, we know and we’ve probably tested most of them by now. Even so, the range is poor since they’re too similar to each other in their lack of focus. Without having focus on the actual user, they often becomes large and difficult to manage. Not to mention time consuming and costly. We honestly don’t understand why.

By switching focus to the user we decided to make our own LMS. We worked on the basis of what a Learning Management System really is – statistics and monitoring. The result was an LMS, barley visible or noticeable and by that promoting what we all want – a learning experience.

With a new approach

Since we think that LMS’s in general are unnecessary complicated, we investigated the possibilities how to resolve reporting data without any system at all. It didn’t work out, but what did work out was to create something that only does what’s necessary – track and report user data.

The result is a system that integrates with the course instead of what most other LMS’s do, integrates the course in an system. Free distribution and integration with existing systems is easier than ever. We have removed yet another barrier between the user and the learning experience.