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This is Learnways

Unique digital learning.

We are an award winning web production company that creates innovative digital education and educational communication. For us, each project is unique and requires its own specific solution to meet end users’ demands.

In everything we do we strive for the highest quality both in terms of content, pedagogy, technology, mobility and appearance. We value our customers highly and it is also our common projects that best describes what we do.

Together we can do anything.

It’s your challenges that lead the way, and with all our focus on them we find the right solution together. That’s when we get the best results.




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Visual storytelling

An image is worth a thousand words.

Making a complex message easy to understand can be a challenge. At Learnways we belive that visual storytelling is the key to getting a message out and really making an impact. An image will always make it easier to quickly grasp content and to see the big picture. Visual storytelling is also about an efficient and creative way of packaging content and making sure that the messages we send give out the right signals. Today’s target groups consume large amounts of information and therefore have high expectations of how content should look and feel. As they should.

We also have an LMS, and it’s invisible.

Ghost is a Learning Management System, but with a different angle. By hiding as much of the system as possible, we focus on the learning experience.




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Interactive learning

The possibilities are endless.

Making things more fun is an essential part of what we do, and we believe that digital information should contain everything that digital media and digital platforms can offer. We also believe that the content we produce should have a free and educational approach, whilst being user-driven and flexible. By maintaining a focus on the user experience, and placing our trust in the user’s curiousity and ability, interactive learning becomes both fun and an integral part of educational development.

Tools that simplify for everyone.

We create digital tools that make things easier. Everything from self-assessment and evaluation tools to employee surveys and health and safety declarations. All of which can be purchased just as they are or customized to fit your specific needs.

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Always and everywhere

True availability.

True availability is one of the great advantages of working digitally. Digital information can be accessible from anywhere, all the time. And that is the whole point. We have also noticed that good things happen when we allow content and information to be open and accessible. This allows knowledge to spread and for information to take on its own life. This truly gives digital information a positive meaning.

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